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Courage is what it takes…and perseverance

Dewi van de Weerd,
27 May 2016

IDAHOT, the yearly Day Against Homophobia has transformed into a full Week of Diversity in Albania. Catering to all tastes, participants can do a bike ride, go to exhibitions, watch […]

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While checking the media for public statements by politicians, pundits and press hounds on the EU membership application of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I came across quite a few misunderstandings and […]

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On January 1st, the Netherlands took over the Presidency of the European Union. I know it is not the most exciting topic and, since the Lisbon Treaty, this responsibility is […]

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Een Baltische muzikale tournee

Pieter Langenberg, , ,
23 May 2016

Hoe markeer je het Nederlandse voorzitterschap op de posten anders dan met meer politieke evenementen? Naast de gebruikelijke persmomenten aan het begin van het jaar, de presentaties voor vaste kamer […]

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