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Can diplomacy help cool the planet?

Hugo Von Meijenfeldt,
29 Jun 2015

planet earth

This was the question posed to a high-level panel on the Europe Climate Diplomacy Day on June 17. The Bay Area Council Economic Institute, at the request of the Italian […]

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Angels in a circular economy, Part I

Hugo Von Meijenfeldt,
6 Apr 2015

Blog Hugo 3

You are preaching to the converted on the West Coast of the United States when you say the days of a linear economy are over. The Industrial Revolution was possible […]

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World Energy Outlook

In het diepe najaar kijken energie-experts reikhalzend uit naar de publicatie van de jaarlijkse World Energy Outlook door het Internationale Energie Agentschap (IEA). 12 november 2014 was het weer zover […]

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