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Practicing CPR during a RD Cross course.

I received an impressive document from the American Red Cross last week. No, I haven’t been appointed an honorary representative who will frequently attend fundraising receptions. Instead, I completed an […]

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Ten years ago the Tsunami struck….

Susan Blankhart,
23 Dec 2014

Tsunami Sri Lanka 2004

I will never forget where I was on that fateful Sunday, December 26th 2004: A sitting room in Australia, on holiday with my relatives, drinking coffee with my family. Somebody […]

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Wim Geert, directeur-generaal Politieke Zaken ministerie BZ

  Het ministerie van BZ wil bouwen aan bekendheid en positieve beeldvorming van het werk dat BZ doet door gebruik te maken van krachtige persoonlijke verhalen van collega’s. Verhalen van […]

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Over kamelenmelk en zakendoen: een missie in Mauritanië

Pieter Jan Kleiweg De Zwaan,
17 Nov 2014

3 april 2014: in een zaaltje in Brussel, na de topontmoeting tussen Europa en Afrika, spreekt Premier Rutte met de president van Mauritanië, Mohammed Aziz. De eerste politieke ontmoeting tussen […]

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According to several UN reports, more than half of the world population lives in urbanized areas, while simultaneously a partly overlapping half of the world population lives within 60 km […]

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The Consulate General is a meeting place for many people in the Bay Area. Most of the time they show up because we, along with our partners, have organized an […]

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A diplomat posted to Sarajevo needs to have a positive outlook; if not, the chances of being overwhelmed by pessimism and cynicism are very real. Since following political and socio-economic […]

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